Mother Fracking Arkansas

More than 800 quakes in 6 months, 100,000 bottom-feeder fish dead on 20 miles of a river, 5000 birds dead (the birds near the same place as a 4.7 quake, which was also the strongest that they’ve had in 35 years).

Protections were in place until the Halliburton loophole was opened in 2005 by Dick Cheney. It’s called that because Cheney decided to exempt the chemical mixture and associated drilling from the Clean Water Act. So, it isn’t defined as “hazardous” because it’s exempt. Some words that just don’t go together for me are “exempt from law” and “clean water”, call me crazy.  I won’t bore you with the details…oh, who am I kidding, you’re already here.

The companies reaping the largest benefits of the loophole, with Halliburton (of course) and BP among them, spent more than $85 million during this time to lobby Congress and help elect/ re-elect more Republicans.  BP even spent $3 billion in 2008 on shale formations.  What could go wrong there?  They did such a nice job in the gulf.

When you call a meeting (or as you’ll see here, at least 40 meetings) with energy company execs (and noone else) and then write your energy policy based on their recommendations alone, it’s about as good an idea as having some of the people on the Megan’s law site help you setup a daycare.

People of Pennsylvania, New York, and numerous other states involved, please think about long term sustainability for future generations rather than instant gratification and present greed before it’s too late.  New Jersey has already taken a stand.

And speaking of Jersey, how fitting all around…

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